Theft Rings Targeting Local Gyms and Why Aren’t They Telling You About it

Local Gyms put their Members at Risk. Most of us go the gym under the assumption that it is a safe place. It has come to our attention that the major athletic clubs in London are hiding information about an ongoing theft ring that is targeting their members. Yes… you heard that correctly, there is […]

Don’t Be Fooled by Misleading Legal Billboards

You would think that honesty is important when it comes to hiring a lawyer. I at least do. This is why it confuses me when I see the recent rash of misleading billboard advertising that is all over London and other cities. These ads are mainly from Toronto-based law firms that pose as London lawyers. […]

Dispensaries Raided & How to Obtain Marijuana Legally

  The London police have followed suit with raiding dispensaries. Yesterday, the London Police raided 5 marijuana dispensaries, arresting many shop workers and owners in the process. Dispensaries are illegal under federal law, as medical marijuana can only be sold by highly regulated government-approved commercial producers. Attached is a link to company that legally supplies […]

Beware: Fake Virus Frauds

  Recently my eldest daughter left to university with a new MacBook that I had purchased for her. Soon after, she received a notice that her apple security had been violated. All of the notifications appeared to be from Apple, maintaining the same font and appearance of Apple messages. This particular pop-up noted that the […]

Don’t Get Cheated by Fake Ads

“New iPhone on Kijiji for only $500!!” — This is the typical headline for a widespread epidemic of fraudulent transactions happening at the moment across Ontario.  People who are seeking cheaper smart phones find deals that are too good to be true. Here’s how the scenario plays out… An email or text is sent from Kijiji […]

L.Gen Whelan Statement of Claim

Here is the Certified Copy of the Statement of Claim filed with the Court on May 21 2024 in the above named file. As per R. 133 the Registry has served a copy of the Notice of Application on the Attorney General of Canada on your behalf.