Jonathan Asen

You Can Rely on the Millars Law Team

Jonathan Asen is the CEO and Founder of Jimacon Inc. Consulting. His background consists of over 30 years of law enforcement experience in the Province of Ontario, and is recently retired as a Detective Sergeant in the Organized Crime Unit. Majority of his career was spent in Intelligence, Organized Crime, Major Case management, Undercover Operations, and the Tactical Unit. He has assembled a very experienced investigation team that works with Millars law to help tilt the scales when we face powerful opponents.

Jonathan is not your traditional Intelligence Operative, he operates at a level miles above Private Investigators and his services are sought after by the powerful who need answers fast with no BS. He is not a retired desk jockey or wannabe, he is the real deal Intelligence Operator who can breach multiple levels of defence to get to the information that changes the battlefield. That is all we can tell you about this topic, just know these resources are available to you when you hire Millars law.

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