Emma Robertson

You Can Rely on the Millars Law Team

Emma studied history and political science at the University of Toronto. The opportunity to study at one of Canada’s best schools was not lost on her, and she completed an Honours degree. Her experiences drove her commitment to excellence and higher education. She was selected to go to Europe to study in conflict zones. Her work was published through the European Studies program. She returned to Europe years later to attend law school in the United Kingdom.

The law is Emma’s second career. She thrived in high-intensity sales environments before going to law school. In a high-intensity sales environment, Emma learned the importance of service before self and witnessed firsthand the power of empathy and integrity. She excelled in competitive sales environments fostering rapport with a distinguished clientele. Her experiences and training made her a powerful negotiator, and she translated this acquired skill set to her daily life in law.

Emma listens before speaking. Clients love her compassion and empathy and find comfort in her resolve and tough tactics when dealing with opponents. Her experience in plaintiff personal injury law taught her that there is recourse and justice for those who have suffered wrongs at the hands of others. She takes pride in being one of the few who can stand up and fight for what is right and change people’s lives for the better. Emma fights for hardworking folks like her grandparents who, through no fault of their own, could have used a strong legal advocate more than once but didn’t have one. This life lesson fuels Emma’s drive to help the underdog. Her grandparents had no one when they needed help. She considers representing clients who have suffered a privilege.

The second you meet Emma, you will instantly enjoy her warm smile and know that she does not take herself too seriously. There is no chip on her shoulder, just a quiet resolve to do the right thing and fight for what is right… Family and dear friends ground her. Emma is a music lover, amateur chef and baker, and travel enthusiast who enjoys spending time outdoors.

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