Chris Knight

You Can Rely on the Millars Law Team

Chris focuses his practice on strategic legal solutions. His work involves specialized intelligence and investigative work. Together, these skill sets allow clients to navigate complex regulatory environments and deal with bad actors aiming to harm. Chris is a perfect fit in the Millars Law team of quiet professionals who get the job done and put the mission before themselves.

Chris served his country as a reservist in the Intelligence and Judge Advocate General branches of the Canadian Armed Forces. Chris applies the intelligence cycle and strategic planning principles in his daily legal practice and has at his disposal a toolbox not available to traditional lawyers.

Chris is the lawyer you hire when you don’t want the other side to know you hired a top gun. He is discrete, trustworthy and formidable once hired. He cut his teeth as a litigator in complex matters and now focuses on estates and trusts for high net worth individuals. Chris is sought after for advice on aviation law and aircraft ownership and operations.

Chris is a Pilot holding certificates and ratings from Transport Canada and the Federal Aviation Administration, and is a member of the Canadian Transport Lawyers Association, an associate member of the Asset Management Institute, and an affiliate member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP). Chris is well versed in aviation law and the nuances of owning, registering and selling aviation assets internationally.

Called to the bar in Alberta (2008) and British Columbia (2010), Chris received degrees in law (Western, 2007) and philosophy/politics (Simon Fraser, 2003) prior to articling and practicing with a large Canadian firm in their national construction group.

Chris is unique amongst Canadian lawyers. His intellect is complimented by a unique set of qualifications and experience unparalleled in the industry. When people or companies need someone to fix a problem Chris can bring to bear a repertoire of experience and web of connections not found in the traditional marble floored law firm.

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