Immigration Services

We are a national firm with a reputation for integrity and honesty to protect. We are committed to providing the most trusted source of immigration services to clients wishing to come to Canada. Our firm provides a full suite of services to our immigration clients, making the process seamless and safe.

Millars Lawyers works in collaboration with Canadian Immigration and Visa Services along with local officials in India and other countries to synergize our efforts and achieve the best results. Our office in New Delhi helps us better serve and appreciate our clients.


We are a full-service immigration firm that will support you and your family’s successful entry into Canada. Our services include:

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Immigration Appeals

When your immigration application is refused, you have a short window to act to save your dreams.

You can overturn the decision through an appeal from a reputable lawyer with experience in the Federal Court. There are three reasons you should appeal a refusal as soon as possible:

  1. There are time limits that must be met, or else you cannot appeal.
  2. Your plans are often time-dependent; you are scheduled to start work, start school or attend an important event like a wedding or funeral. Time is of the essence.
  3. A refusal stays on your Canadian Immigration Record and can affect future applications; winning an appeal and overturning the refusal is your path into Canada.

Temporary Residency Refusals

We Specialize in temporary residency refusals to help you receive entry into Canada when you need it. This includes assistance with

  • Student Visas and Student Permits
  • Work Visas and Work Permits
  • Visitor Visas and Visitor Permits

Business Immigration

Canada respects and values new immigrants;  The Canadian and Provincial governments have created numerous pathways to citizenship available to people who want to immigrate to one of the most beautiful and safe countries in the world. Your children can go to school here and secure Canadian Passports, thus securing the safety of your family and long-term prosperity. 

Entrepreneurs and investors can take advantage of a range of pathways to work and live in Canada. These programs include:

  • Federal Self-Employed program.
  • Start-up Visa.
  • Owner-Operator LMIA.
  • Investor provincial programs.


Business owners and entrepreneurs worked their whole life to build up enough resources to be able to protect their families. We recognize and respect how hard you worked to be in a position to apply for Canadian residency, and we promise to make sure we protect and preserve your capital and dreams as we help navigate the process of moving to Canada.



Permanent Residence

There are many paths to Permanent Residency. Let us provide you with expert advice and guidance as we navigate the complex system. Working with the right law firm with the power to fight for your interests is crucial to success. Many people do not know that they are eligible. The first step is speaking to a trusted professional.

Temporary Residence

When opportunity strikes you need a team who can get the job done fast and effectively. Temporary residence Applications require precision and competence. Our legal team of dedicated professionals help people secure Visitor Visas, Visitor Record Extensions, e-TA Electronic Travel Authorizations, Study Permits, and Work Permits, (e.g. LMIA, International Mobility, Open, Post-Graduate).

Our powerful legal team acts rapidly to Appeal refusals that affect your life so that your dreams are preserved when an Visa or permit application is denied.