Nasar Iqbal

You Can Rely on the Millars Law Team

Nasar Iqbal has an impressive CV that includes working for the Ministry of the Attorney General Ontario as an Assistant Crown Attorney – Per Diem after his call to the Ontario Bar and ran his own Family Law practice in Toronto.
Nasar received his law degree overseas and when he came to Canada, he was immediately accepted into one of our top Law institutions. Impressively, he completed his Masters in Law focusing on Family and Criminal Law at Osgoode Law School.
While working on his Master’s Degree Nasar gained extraordinary experience working for the Ministry of the Attorney General as a Court Registrar. This experience is rare and valuable for attorneys as it gives them inside knowledge about how the system works behind the scenes;

  • how paperwork is processed
  • what delays applications and motions
  • what the judges and staff say about lawyers
  • how scheduling is performed and how to find faster court dates and avoid fatal errors not taught in law school.

Clearly, Nasar is a top performer as he was able to manage a family, a Master’s degree in Law and a full-time job at the same time. On the weekends he also worked as an assistant for a Personal Injury law firm. Do you have any doubts that this lawyer will not work late into the night on your case to ensure victory?
We would be negligent if we did not point out that in his country of origin, Pakistan, Nasar was also a defence attorney. For eight years he waged wars in the trenches of one of the toughest legal systems in the world fighting for the rights of those with little power.
Think about the power imbalances he fought against and the lessons learned gained from his experience standing up to bullies. Nasar is not a “paper tiger” he is a true warrior.
Many people do not know that in Pakistan and India the working language is English and that they follow the same Common Law system as we do in Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia (the Commonwealth, hence the Common Law).
Nasar is fluent in Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi. To the best of our knowledge, he is the only lawyer in the region with the cultural background to support South Asian communities.
Nasar looks forward to becoming one of London’s top advocates in Divorce, Personal or Criminal defence matters. We are thrilled to bring onto our team a professional with such an amazing work ethic and commitment to excellence.

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