Millars Law was awarded the 2018 Corporate Intl Global Award: ‘Victims Rights’ Law Firm of the Year in Canada.’ An International Award for Advocacy on the Behalf of Victims Rights in Canada.

Millars Law is elated to be chosen as the winner of such a prestigious award and to be recognized globally for our ongoing fight for Victims Rights.

Phillip Millar accepted his award with the following statement:

“Millars Law is honored to be formally recognized as a force that fights for the underdog and does not shy when faced with overwhelming power imbalances. This award is an extraordinary thing for me, as it makes being a lawyer rewarding career rather than a simply profitable.

I hope other lawyers can find the time and passion for standing up for those who desperately need somebody who will not only fight for them but will listen to them and genuinely care.”

Corporate INTL’s annual awards establish excellence for the world’s leading advisers, financiers, and professional figures. Corporate INTL’s awards recognize dominant characters in an array of countries and continents.

Millars Law is astounded to accept one of Corporate INTL’s global and legal awards.

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