Update on the Gatineau Case

Two of our clients performed exceptionally well at this court-martial. Our trial preparation made a huge difference. All the charges related to their assaults resulted in convictions, which is a huge success for our clients. The particular lawyer that represented this serial sexual assaulter took a far more aggressive approach than previous court martials. It’s […]

It is Official, Uber in London is here to Stay

It is official, The city council in London listened to its residents and voted to keep the popular service in our city. Phillip Millar was on the radio discussing the importance of Uber before the final vote was in, presenting a very persuasive argument. On the same day, Uber also won their case on not […]

All you Need to Know on Islamaphobia in Canada and Motion 103

With Islamaphobia being a constant theme in the news it’s important to educate yourself with what parliament is doing about it here in Canada…especially after the Montreal shooting. This article provides all you need to know about Motion 103 and why it is so controversial. The article below educates those interested in knowing what Motion […]

Rona Ambrose Proposes Bill for Sexual Assault Training for Judges

Rona Ambrose, the interim Conservative leader has put forward a bill that will close the gap between survivors of sexual assault and judges. She proposes that it will be mandatory for judges to have sexual assault law training…This would be hugely beneficial to the law community and cases that deals with victims. I have advocated […]