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Don’t Be Fooled by Misleading Legal Billboards

You would think that honesty is important when it comes to hiring a lawyer. I at least do. This is why it confuses me when I see the recent rash of misleading billboard advertising that is all over London and...
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Dispensaries Raided & How to Obtain Marijuana Legally

  The London police have followed suit with raiding dispensaries. Yesterday, the London Police raided 5 marijuana dispensaries, arresting many shop workers and owners in the process. Dispensaries are illegal under federal law, as medical marijuana can only be sold...
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Beware: Fake Virus Frauds

  Recently my eldest daughter left to university with a new MacBook that I had purchased for her. Soon after, she received a notice that her apple security had been violated. All of the notifications appeared to be from Apple,...
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Don’t Get Cheated by Fake Ads

“New iPhone on Kijiji for only $500!!” — This is the typical headline for a widespread epidemic of fraudulent transactions happening at the moment across Ontario.  People who are seeking cheaper smart phones find deals that are too good to be...
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